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Linking Wine with a Sustainable Lifestyle

"Il y a une civilisation du vin, celle où les hommes veulent se connaître afin de ne pas se combattre."
"There is a civilization of wine, a civilization where Men want to know each other in order not to fight." G. Delaunay (b. 1907-d. 1998)

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Dear Readers,

First, let me state that I am PASSIONATE about wine and second, I sincerely believe that we can build a civilization of wine where people get to know one another and not do battle. I believe by linking wine with the arts, food, history, and more, we can talk with one another about our commonality and not our differences. We can begin to enjoy our differences, our diversity, our beauty rather than do battle.

I have noticed that people have an increasing interest in sustainable, organic, biodynamic and low-input agricultural products. They care about the many special qualities of organic food.

  • They care about the particular emphasis that organic farming places on "low-input production", on the protection of our natural resources and of biodiversity, and on animal welfare.
  • They also care about the contribution that organic farming can make to economic development in communities.

This website marks a significant next step. (more)

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Sulfites -
There are no absolutes about why some people get headaches after drinking wine, especially red wine.

The best advice I can give is to keep trying until you find wines that do cause the discomfort. I usually suggest trying wines produced 100% in stainless steel, or different varieties, or styles of wine. Or simply drink more water before, during and after the consumption of wine.

Andrew L. Waterhouse, (Professor of Enology, Department Chair, John E. Kinsella Chair in Food, Nutrition and Health, Department of Viticulture and Enology), in his article Sulfites in Wine states, "Sulfites do not cause headaches!!!"

"There is something in red wine that causes headaches, but the cause has not yet been discovered. (Many people seem to connect their headache with the sulfite warning label, but sorry there is no connection). To avoid headaches, try drinking less wine, and drink with food. If you think sulfites are causing your headache, try eating some orange-colored dried apricots, and let me know if that induces a headache." More about Sulfites

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Definitions and Terms - Terms commonly associated with sustainable agricultural systems. Retrieved August 17, 2009 from the United States Department of Agriculture National Library website
  • A Note of Realism: The consumption of wine, beer and spirits is an integral part of normal life in virtually all societies. As the world becomes ever more integrated, the industry faces differing and often competing views of the proper place of alcohol beverages in society because, as with many other choices in life, there are benefits and risks. While the scientific evidence of the healthful benefits of moderate consumption continues to mount, also recognizes that excessive consumption can be harmful. To that end, encourages appropriate and responsible enjoyment by those who choose to consume alcohol beverage products. (From FIVS)
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